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    Home School Enrollment

    Home School Enrollment With American Academy

    How To Enroll In HomeschoolAt American Academy we always strive to explain how to enroll in homeschool to the fullest and in great detail. Enrolling your child in a home schooling process is not just a drastic change for your young student but for you too, and we know that as parents you have to understand the process every step of the way.

    We provide a detailed road map for you and your student to reference while attending our home school curriculum and we take great pride in providing some of the strongest customer service in the home schooling industry.

    Learning how to successfully complete the process of home school enrollment can be a stressful endeavor but with American Academy it doesn’t have to be! Our accredited home school curriculum is the best in the biz and we can prove it with outstanding test results and a streamlined learning experience.

    To start home schooling with the American Academy there are three ways to enroll:

    • Online by clicking on the Enroll Now Button
    1. By Mail by calling address
    2. By Phone: Office at 405-634-7777 or Toll Free at 866-605-7772

    How To Enroll In Homeschool with American Academy

    • Step 1: Fill out the enrollment application and send it to the American Academy. Include the Registration Fee of $95.00 per family and Testing Fee of $20.00 per child to be tested. (This is done On Line, Mail or by Phone.) ( see below.)
    • Step 2: The Academy will send the Student Diagnostic Tests and Home School Training to the parent by mail.
    • Step 3: After receiving the Testing and Training, the parent reads the Diagnostic Test instructions and gives each test to the child. After testing is complete, send all testing materials to the Academy for the academic diagnosis and learning placement along with the first tuition payment for each child’s schooling.
    • <span While waiting for the curriculum to arrive, the parent completes the Home School Training and sends the worksheets back to the Academy. Parents are to keep the Training Handbook for review and reference.
    • Step 5: When the curriculum arrives, the family is ready to start schooling. At any time the parent has problems or questions, we invite phone calls or email for assistance.

    Home School Enrollment Online

    Click Here To Enroll Online

    Home School Enrollment by Mail

    If you would rather have an information and enrollment packet sent to your home and would like to call the American Academy and ask for the packet.

    Call 405-634-7777
    Toll Free 866-605-7772

    (Return the enrollment form and Include the Registration Fee of $95.00 per family and $20.00 for each child to be tested)

    Enrollment by Phone

    You may enroll by phone with a credit card.

    Call 405-634-7777
    Toll Free 866-605-7772

    Hours of Enrollment: 10 A.M. – 5 P.M. Central Time Monday – Friday

    Have some questions about enrolling on-line? Some popular questions are:

    Can I pay with a credit card on-line?
    YES! There are links at the end of the enrollment process where you can pay your home school enrollment  and testing fee as well as your monthly payments. You may also pay through PayPal sending to the email address

    Request More Information