An accredited online homeschool means the school has met the standards and requirements as defined by that school’s accrediting organization. The school’s accrediting organization monitors the school on a regular basis to assure it meets the needs and provides a quality education for all of its students. Accrediting agencies may also regulate things like teacher to student ratios, the level of academic training of instructors, how the school promotes its programs and study methods.
Our accredited online homeschool educational program’s quality assurance is self-evident from our accreditation with the National Association of Private Schools. We take that accreditation seriously and we are very proud of our accomplishments. Upon graduating from our academy, every student’s diploma will be accepted by colleges and employers across the country as an accredited home school diploma enabling graduates to receive the scholarships and financial aid that a student with a public school diploma may receive.
The American Academy provides an accredited online homeschool educational program based on the mastery of course material.This program focuses on the level of instruction being held to the textbook’s individualized learning materials, not on the level of the class. In essence, the student earns the grade instead of being passed from grade to grade through exposure instruction, without mastery.
Students entering back into a state-accredited public school from the American Academy may be tested by the receiving public school to determine if he/she should be placed in the desired grade level, or if certain credits may be transferred to the receiving school.  Public Schools are not required to accept credits from schools not accredited by the state or regional accrediting agencies. For additional information concerning re-entry into the public school system, call our office and ask to speak to the administrator.
American Academy accredited online homeschool program graduates are accepted at colleges and universities, however, some colleges may wish to validate the high school diploma before the admission of the student may be approved.  Private Colleges and Online Private Colleges follow different policies for admission and may require other options for college admission.
The American Academy is a leader in Christian Education and one of the finest names in accredited online homeschooling. The American Academy is recognized and used across the nation with a proven reputation in the educational community. Enrolling today is the first step to a quality education that will be the foundation to your child’s future.