Are you a parent that’s thinking about enrolling your child into a homeschool program?
Are you having concerns if homeschooling your child is the right thing to do compared to public school and their programs?
You may have heard from other parents that homeschooling their child was the best decision they’ve ever made, but you’re concerned that your child may not develop the social skills they will need to help bond with other kids and adults.
If you’re presently having these thoughts, it is perfectly ok.
We’ve talked to many parents during our consultations, who have experienced the same concerns that all parents feel.
In the end, we’ve come to realize all parents just want their child to have the best education possible while simultaneously building communication and life skills.
This post will point out the benefits of homeschooling vs public schooling and why homeschooling, in our opinion, is the best option for your child’s education and social development.
Here are the benefits of homeschooling vs public schooling:

You’re accountable for your child’s learning

Yes, following up on your child to make sure they are learning important subjects in a timely fashion can be exhausting but imagine public school teachers having to deal with 30+ kids for 8 hours? Your child may not get the attention they need if other kids are battling for the same attention from their teachers.

You have the flexibility to choose their curriculum

When it comes to education, you want your child to learn how to read, write, and develop math skills, in addition to gaining transferable skills such as learning how to become a leader, developing software engineering skills and other specialized programs. Also, if you come from a religious background, you will want your child to develop the same morals and principles. Do you think you will get that from a public school program? Probably not. When you enroll your child into a public school setting, you’re now at the mercy of their curriculum and philosophy. If you’re a parent that’s selective in what you want your child to learn, homeschooling should be at the top of your decision making.

Your child can grow up better compared to other kids in public school

According to Family Education, kids who are homeschooled tend to develop fewer problems compared to kids who went to public school. This is because homeschooled kids have some alone time where they can self-reflect on what they learn and what topics and subjects they enjoy. This is a big contrast compared to public schoolers are being watched around the clock. Also, homeschoolers can develop social skills by having play-time with other homeschoolers and kids in their neighborhood as well as joining social and sports programs.

homeschooling vs public schooling

Now that you know that benefits of homeschooling vs public schooling, you as a parent should be comfortable to enrolling your child at an accredited online homeschool where your child will have the best education, attentiveness, and social development they deserve.