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American Academy’s 20th Year Of Service

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American Academy’s 20th Year Of Service

As a valued customer and fellow home school educator, we want to thank you for allowing the American Academy to partner with you in the educating of your children.  We are now entering our 20th year of service to home schoolers as we provide one of the finest and most credible home school academies and educational homeschooling programs.

The best education for your children?

Sometimes it is easy to grow weary in well doing as we have not taken the path of least resistance in educating our children.  This was true with Abraham and Lot.  Abraham trained his family in the ways of God, while Lot chose the ways of man.  Lot chose the ease and approval of man where education separated Lot’s children from God.  We will not answer to the Higher Board of Education for our children when we pass from this world, however, when we are presented before the Lord in eternity, we want to hear for us and our children, well done thou good and faithful servant.  With this in mind, we need to continue to be consistent in preparing our children not only for this time on earth but also for their time in eternity. — M.L. Reynolds, M.Ed.

Starting the School Year

If you are starting homeschooling programs later than the regular starting date, you will be able to continue home schooling until your children have completed the year’s work.  Students are enrolled the year round which allows parents to meet the special needs of the family.

Student’s will be promoted to the next grade when the year’s work is complete.
By the end of the school year, your students should have completed:

12 paces in each subject = Grade school … 60 total paces
High School   … 72 total paces
or 3 paces each subject per quarter enrolled.


Our desire is to serve you well.  Please let us know how we can help you


Academy Phone lines are reached by our number 405-634-7777.  If the phone has not been answered because of busy phones during office hours, you will be able to leave a message in the Voice Mail.  We have staff persons specifically to answer the phones and transfer calls to the various departments.  After hour messages may be left on the voice mail.

Our Fax number is 405-632-4301. You can send notes by the Fax.
Our E-mail address is
Our Web Site is where you can send messages to the academy by e-mail.

A Message From Our Administrator

You are to be congratulated for taking steps toward a fine education for your children.

The American Academy Homeschooling Programs are among the finest homeschooling programs available.  You have all the training, curriculum and tools you need to give your children an excellent education.  The whole purpose of education is to train a child to know how to live.  With the proper training, curriculum and tools for educating children, who better could prepare a child for life than you the parent.  We have chosen the finest educational package to aid you in preparing your children for life during their school years.  The staff of the American Academy is here to aid and serve you.  Please know that even though you have enrolled your children in the Academy, you are our valued customer. — Marvin L. Reynolds, M.Ed.


The Master Record Sheet is required for each student.  The white copy is for the home school supervisor to keep in a permanent place.  The two copies are required to be sent in to the Academy.  The first copy is sent at the end of the first semester and the second copy is to be sent at the end of the school year.  Grades and Attendance are required to be kept on the form.

The American Academy maintains a high academic standard in which all       students are required to score a minimum of 80% or higher on all PACE tests.

If a student fails a Pace Test with a score below 80%, the student is not allowed to re-take the Test.  The Supervisor will need to immediately send the failed Test to the Academy in a regular envelope addressed to the Academic Department.  A new repeat-Pace will be sent to the Supervisor to be re-taken by the student.  A charge of $5.00 will be placed on the account for the Pace.


The Academy requires that students be supervised and directed by their parents or by those designated to home school their children.

The home school Supervisor must never do or allow any practice that would be dishonest or cause dishonor for their homeschooling programs.  Honesty builds Character.


In order to protect the credibility of home schooling, it is the policy of the American Academy that there be no dishonesty or cheating while working with Academy Curriculum.  In the event of deliberate disregard for the policies and procedures of the Academy, the student will be subject to withdrawal.


Academy Hours
Office Hours 
Monday through Thursday
10: A.M. to 5: P.M.
Fridays – Appointments
and Clerical Work.



  • Open curriculum and separate Score Keys from the Paces.
  • Remove all Pace Tests from center of the Pace Packets.
  • Remove Test Keys from the center of the Score Keys.
  • Place all Paces and Score Keys at the Supervisor’s Station.…issue 1 Pace in each subject at a time.
  • Students work daily assignments in pencil.  All blanks are to be answered in the Pace.
  • Students are not to score Paces unsupervised…only Supervisors may grade final tests. – THINGS TO REMEMBER
  • Students are to complete 12 learning packets in each subject to finish each grade’s schooling.
  • The school year is divided into four quarters…each quarter is 9 weeks. Curriculum shipments contain 3 paces in each subject which is for one quarter’s  work.
  • Curriculum is sent to the student as the tuition is paid on the first, third, fifth, and seventh payment of tuition.
  • Require honesty of your children. This is the most important lesson they can learn. Do not allow any copying from score keys or test keys.

You are your child’s … educator … be a real teacher, don’t half do the job, be a professional … follow the manual.