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About Us

Accredited Christian Home School Programs

American Academy’s Accredited Christian Home School Programs are designed to accelerate your child’s learning all while maintaining a higher standard for an institution of higher learning-centered toward home schooling programs. We have optimized our Accredited Christian Home School Programs to provide your child with the best chance possible for passing statewide mandatory exams and staying above the fold when it comes to national standardized testing.

Administration and Staff – Accredited Christian Home School Programs

Accredited Christian Home School Programs

Marvin L. Reynolds, M.Ed., Founder and Administrator

Marvin holds a Masters of Education degree with a major in Secondary School Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma and postgraduate work from the University of Oklahoma. He served in the Public School System as a teacher, counselor, and administrator, totaling 7 years. He has educational experience totaling over 30 years that has to lead him to Holds Oklahoma Certification for Secondary School Principal, serve as Head Master of a Christian School for 14 years, and of course being the Founder and President of the American Academy now approaching 20 years.

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Contrary to popular social belief, home schooling can have many benefits over public schooling, with the right guidance. We offer programs for all levels of education from Pre-School all the way through High School.

Our academic programs are designed to provide assistance to your child with the knowledge and tools for learning the curriculum in the convenience of your own home. We use a Christian based home school curriculum called, The School of Tomorrow Curriculum, also known as Accelerated Christian Education, which individualizes the curriculum to each student, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses and enabling students to work at their own pace and rate of comprehension.

Our programs will not only enhance your children’s academic intellect but also develop strong character and independence. As one of the finest names in the industry, American Academy has set the standard for Accredited Christian Home School Programs.

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