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Accredited Online Homeschool Program

Accredited Online Homeschool Program

The online program we use is published by Alpha Omega Publishers and is called “IGNITIA”. Every subject is online. The Online Program is tailored for grades three through Senior High School.

How Our Accredited Online Home School Program Works:

  • The student is able to log in at any time during the day and does not need to have a certain time to do the work.
  • A schedule is set up and assignments are due on certain dates which are flexible.
  • The Program is self-grading and in some cases, the parent will assist in the grading of written material of the assignment.
  • The student works on the daily assignments until the year’s assignments are completed.
  • The Academy also is in contact with the student assignments for the school year.
  • The grades are taken by the Academy from the online program and placed on the Academy’s record system for later report cards and transcripts.


Parent Training:

  • After enrollment and first tuition payment are made, the parent is sent an email with a link to the training for parent oversight as the “Home School Supervisor”.
  • The Training will help assure the parent that the student is completing the proper amount of work each school day.
  • After the parent takes the training which lasts about an hour on the computer, the parent submits the training results to the academy.
  • After the first tuition payment is made, the Academy places the students account on a credit card automatic withdrawal for the remainder of the school years tuition costs.
  • If the first tuition payment is paid, the Academy sends an email to the parent with the link for the student to log in to the students’ school assignments.


Affordable Online Program

Because the parent takes part in the supervision of the student, the American Academy is able to offer the program to families at an affordable price. After the Enrollment Fee is paid there are 9 payments of tuition for a full school year and 5 payments of tuition for a semester. Monthly billing statements give the parent a record of payments of tuition.


Online Staff Supervising

Staff supervising is a convenient service option for parents and students who need a little extra help in online home schooling. It is a good option for parents who are not necessarily technically savvy. It is also a viable option for students whose parents must work yet desire for their children to be in a home environment.

The National Home School’s accredited online home school curriculum has many questions that require the student to type in an answer in their own words. These questions and/or essays need to be manually graded by the supervisor. With a staff supervisor this will be done on a daily basis. Often parents lack the time to keep up with manual grading. When this issue arises, it will delay the student’s progress and will sometimes prevent completion. With staff supervision, there is no need for the parent to go through the training to learn to navigate and use the Ignitia online program in order to properly supervise their student. This saves time and prevents confusion and frustration.

There is some teacher help available. However, we suggest that the parent is available to help with new concepts or explanation. The staff supervisor can be messaged with questions or concerns and will respond in a timely manner. A parent account is available if desired, so the parent can see the student’s progress and grades at any time. With the parent involved and the supervisor ensuring efficiency and timely progress the student will have the support needed to get an excellent home education.

Your staff supervisor will assign the subjects needed, assign all necessary lessons and ensure that thresholds are met. On occasion when thresholds are not met reassignment is necessary. This is often overlooked by parent supervisors. When the student is allowed to continue without mastering the previous unit it results in incomplete grades and sometimes prevents the student’s understanding in future lessons. The student must then go back and redo the test in a previous unit. This makes it harder on the student since they have to study to refresh their memory on the content and delays progress. Staff supervision will ensure this does not happen.
Staff supervising may be the right option for you and your student. It is an easy and convenient way to home school your student.

This is also a great option for adult students trying to earn their high school diploma.

Monthly Fee for Staff Supervising: $50


About our Accredited Online Home School Program

National Home School is proud to offer a Christian based education to students across America. We are able to provide a variety of services for students of all age groups ranging from elementary all the way through high-school. We understand how important your child’s education is and that is why we offer only the top quality education that equals and surpasses what they would be taught in the public school system. As a major provider of accredited online home school programs, we understand how important it is to pick the right home school program for your child. We hope that we can support you with our accredited online home school program that has been refined into the exceptional program that it is today.

If you are interested in signing up for any of our home schooling programs, the easiest way to proceed is to click the enrollment tab at the top of this page. From there, you will be greeted with a new page that contains a list of instructions to guide you through the enrollment process. The quickest way is to go through the online registration process, however, it is possible to register via mail or phone number if you would prefer. Information on how to register via these methods can be found on the before mentioned enrollment page.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or any other issue you would like addressed please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or phone number available on our home schooling information contact page. We appreciate you considering National Home School for your child, and we hope that we can hear from you soon.

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