A.C.E. stands for Accelerated Christian Education. This program is used by schools and homeschools across the globe. The ACE curriculum uses three broad categories to educate students and build their character. The categories are a K-12 curriculum based on the Bible, student conventions, and programs, as well as professional training.

This program is unique in that it is a comprehensive system. It goes beyond mere academic education. The ACE program is designed to provide life-changing, character-building education that will prepare students to succeed throughout their lives. By creating a God-centered education environment of truth and love, students will develop an attitude of kindness and a deeper understanding of God and His plans for their lives.

ACE Academic Curriculum

Academics are core to the ACE program. Our approach is centered around building and developing skills based on the student’s individual mastery and pace of understanding. They are not required to keep up with other students. This has proven to be extremely effective and motivating for students. If they learn quickly, they advance quickly and don’t get bored. If they learn slowly, they will have the time they need to fully understand a concept.

The ACE curriculum is designed in such a way that students will only advance in a subject once they have mastered the concepts of the level they are on. Once they have mastered a given skill, they are then introduced to new concepts. This ensures the students’ complete understanding of a concept and keeps them interested and motivated by moving at their pace, not the institution’s.

The ACE Program vs Public Education

Due to the chronological nature of conventional schooling, students are forced to learn the same concepts at the same rate. Students go from grade to grade, and teachers are required to cover the subjects covered in standardized testing in the hopes their students test well and the school continues to receive its funding. This is a common result of a bureaucratic education system. For this reason, even the most well-meaning public schools are often forced to prioritize “checking boxes” over actually providing meaningful education to their students.

The ACE curriculum restores freedom to education. By emphasizing Biblical principles, mastery-based learning, individualized pacing, and development of critical thinking skills, students are given the best opportunity to learn and grow as academics and individuals. ACE replaces traditional grade-level advancement in favor of mastery-based advancement. Students progress through their education based on their understanding of concepts, not their age. By reinforcing their education with a Biblical worldview, students emerge from this unique and effective program with not only a greater level of academic achievement but build lasting, positive character traits that will help them in all aspects of their lives.

American Academy and the ACE Curriculum

American Academy Educational Program is totally individualized and has a true focus on education. Mastery education which trains a child with a mastery of the concepts of academic knowledge, financial knowledge, physical (health) knowledge, proper relationships, and spiritual knowledge, makes up a true education. Homeschooling with the proper tools, curriculum, and structure will help the child to acquire these values for life.