Homeschooling, in many cases, can be extremely beneficial by customizing how students learn. Many studies have found out that homeschooled students on average outperform their peers when it comes to standardized testing. Another study also found that homeschooled graduates are active and involved in their communities, are more involved in civic affairs, and more are happier and have a brighter outlook on life when compared to the general US population. Here are some benefits of homeschooling your children.
Homeschoolers’ ACT and SAT scores are higher than those of public school students, and home-educated college students perform as well as or better than traditionally educated students. Homeschooling is one-on-one tutoring which some studies have shown that in schools, the smaller the student-teacher ratio, the better the students learn. Another benefit of homeschooling is the students are helped individually, and teachers ensure that all students master a basic skill or concept before going to a more advanced one. It ensures that genuine learning is taking place. Homeschooling is, one on one ratio of teaching which helps give the student a better understanding of the course material.
Homeschooling tailors learning to specific children’s educational needs. Parents are able to assess their kids’ strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and interests. Homeschooling allows parents to customize their children’s education to maximize learning, strengthen weaknesses and allow focus on special areas of interest or giftedness. This makes students highly motivated to learn, and helps improve the student develop a love for learning.
Homeschooled kids tend to think more independently so they are unlikely to follow the ideas of a group without first making up their own minds. College students who were homeschooled as a child have also said that they feel more mature than their dorm mates, because they know how to think for themselves and aren’t influenced as readily by peer pressure.
Homeschooling makes learning interesting since learning is specifically tailored to individuals, it makes them put consistent effort into learning. Students also don’t have to waste time on what they already mastered while other kids are catching up. Homeschooling makes kids work for the knowledge, instead of grades.
Homeschooling provides a safer learning environment compared to public schools because children who are homeschooled are not exposed to teasing, bullying, negative peer pressure, bad influences, and in some cases, bad or even misbehaving teachers.
Homeschooling strengthens closeness of the family, and parents’ relationships to children are made deepe. Since parents are the teachers, parents get to spend more time with their kids, and are able to watch them grow up. Families are able to take vacations and family trips because with online homeschooling, the classes can be taught anywhere.
Homeschooling accommodates special needs because their curriculum can be crafted around their needs. This also helps children who are hyperactive or not behaving according to the norm, but otherwise have good intellect, from being unfairly labeled as needing special education.
Homeschooling is considered the most beneficial educational experiences and when a homeschool student was asked about it they reported that they were much more independent in their approach to life and learning. They had never felt the need to follow the crowd, and this served them well. In regard to having to solve learning problems, they were much more independent in seeking out the answers themselves. Learn about the Benefits of Homeschooling online from National Homeschool!