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    American Academy Homeschool Blog

    WELCOME TO SECOND SEMESTER - The Academy was organized in 1987 to provide families with a quality educational program. When parents train their children at home with the American Academy, they can have the advantages of a credible elementary and secondary school program. The American Academy is a full service Private Christian School for Home Schooling. With the help of […]
    Focus on Education - Truth in Education Goals American Academy Educational Program is totally individualized. Each subject consists of (12) twelve Paces, or parts, of which are worked as separate units. Students should complete 12 Paces in each subject in one year. Each student is diagnosed and prescribed curriculum at the student’s level of achievement in each subject. A […]
    Socialization and Home Schooling - SOCIALIZATION AND CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOLING A CHALLENGE TO HOMESCHOOLING. Many times those who are desirous of homeschooling their children have been questioned by those concerned who want to see all children have happy social experiences in their education. They feel a lack of socialization will be a deterrent to a proper education. This represents the importance […]
    christian homeschool blog Welcome To A New School Year - Welcome to the Academy – Christian Homeschool Blog We want to thank you for choosing the American Academy for your home school program. Established in 1987, the Academy has helped to set the standard for home schooling. The Academy always strives to serve those who give us their trust in helping parents to educate their children. […]
    School Year Enrollment - Christian Homeschool Programs – Enrollment School Year Starts August 15th August is a busy time for enrollment. To help avoid the delay in curriculum shipment this coming year, If you have not done so already, please send in your Re-Enrollment Card with the Family Enrollment Fee of $95.00 followed by your first tuition payment before […]
    American Academy’s 20th Year Of Service - As a valued customer and fellow home school educator, we want to thank you for allowing the American Academy to partner with you in the educating of your children.  We are now entering our 20th year of service to home schoolers as we provide one of the finest and most credible home school academies and […]
    biblical-homeschool-curriculum-american-academy How Important Is Your Child’s Education - When Parents and Educators are asked , “Why do you educate your children?”, you will receive answers among which are: To get a good education, so they can have a good life, To get a good job, Because it is required by law, and other answers. These are all good reasons, but it is not […]

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