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School Year Enrollment

School Year Enrollment

Christian Homeschool Programs – Enrollment

School Year Starts August 15th

August is a busy time for enrollment. To help avoid the delay in curriculum shipment this coming year, If you have not done so already, please send in your Re-Enrollment Card with the Family Enrollment Fee of $95.00 followed by your first tuition payment before July 30th, if possible. This will better able you to receive your Homeschooling Christian Curriculum before school starts.

Two Ways to Re-Enroll

Phone in Enrollment

You may phone in your enrollment by phone while using a credit card. Our office number is 405-634-7777 or 866-605-7772.

Send in Enrollment Card

  • Fill out the enclosed enrollment form.
  • Place enrollment check of $95.00 and re-enrollment form in the Billing Envelope and send to the Academy.
  • The following billing month send in the first tuition check and the first curriculum will be sent.

Report Cards and Awards

Pace Tests should have been sent to the Academy by June 30th, in order to place the grades on this year’s report card. Report Cards will be sent by July 15th. Report cards with grades sent after June 30th can be sent upon request. Awards are being sent along with the report cards.

July – Re-Enrollment Time

July is the best time for re-enrollment. Reenrollment helps the academy to be sure that your curriculum is here when you begin home schooling in August.

When enrolling for next school year, follow the instructions on the enrollment form. If you need another form, please call our office. This will greatly help us to better serve you next year.

Remember to send in your re-enrollment card with your first payment of tuition by July 30th. There will be a heavy enrollment time which will cause delays in August and September.


  • Resource Books and videos were to be returned by June 30th.
  • If Books and Videos are not returned a statement with a charge for that item will be sent.
  • If charged, you can still send back the item for credit.
    (If additional time is needed, please call our office)

Which education will you choose for your children ?

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M.L. Reynolds, M.Ed

Sometimes it is easy to grow weary in well doing as we educate our children. It isn’t always easy to follow God’s way, however it is always best and most profitable in any part of life. This was true with Abraham and Lot. Abraham trained his family in the ways of God, while Lot chose the ways of man. Lot chose the ease and approval of man where the education separated Lot’s children from God.

Lot’s children received an education that was “APPROVED” unto man but not approved unto God. We will not answer to the Higher Board of Education for our children when we pass from this world, however, when we are presented before the Lord in eternity, we will want to hear for us and our children, “well done thou good and faithful servant”. With this in mind, we need to be consistent in preparing our children not only for this time on earth but also for their time in eternity.


__Accreditation and Acceptance__

The American Academy is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. High School Graduation requires subject completion based on the Graduation Requirements of the State of Oklahoma. Academy graduates have entered the work force, private business, military service, have been accepted by Oklahoma and other state colleges and universities, and are eligible for college scholarships – Homeschooling Christian Curriculum.

School Accreditation reflects a school’s trustworthiness in the process of providing a quality educational program. The American Academy desires to provide those enrolled with a quality educational program. It is for this reason the Academy makes every effort to meet or exceed state and national traditional education guidelines for grade school through high school.



christian homeschool programs


Thank you for allowing us to serve your family as you build character and academic skills in the lives of your children.

To Our Valued Customers – Thank You – Christian Homeschool Curriculum

As we enjoy the summer and enter into a New School Year…

We want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your educational plan for your children. We are truly appreciative for the opportunities that you have given us as we have served your family in home schooling.

We are here to serve you again if you desire to re-enroll in home schooling.


Our Dedication To Your Family…

  • Educational Professionalism,
  • Quality in Curriculum,
  • Honesty in Business Practice,
  • Quick, Friendly, and Dependable Service.


Our desire is to serve you well.  Please let us know how we can help you.

Our Fax number is 405-632-4301. You can send notes by the Fax.
Our E-mail address is
Our Web Site is where you can send messages to the academy by e-mail.

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