As times change, education must change with it. In the last decade or so, there have been major changes in American society and culture. Public schools try to adapt, but they just can’t keep up. As public schools continue to struggle to provide relevant, quality education, many parents are looking to alternatives. In addition, the public school system is required to remain, at best, neutral in terms of religion.

This means public school students are only exposed to a secular worldview, often feeling discouraged or afraid to express or discuss their religious beliefs. At worst, especially in higher education, many students are taught things in direct opposition with a Biblical, Christian worldview.

For Christians, this means many of the core principles we believe are either ignored or even discouraged in public schooling, in the name of separation of church and state. While this principle has merit in terms of the way the government itself operates, the separation of church and education runs the risk of being extremely problematic.

Christian Education at Home

Many parents may choose a private institution for their children’s education. Unfortunately, these schools are often expensive and still face many of the challenges that public schools face. Though they are free to teach religion in ways that public schools are not, they are still limited in terms of how education can actually take place. The classroom setting, in general, is often not ideal. Students learn at different rates and in different ways. When a teacher is forced to generalize their approach to education, it is often the students who suffer the most.

Christian Homeschooling provides a great alternative to traditional education. Not only is teaching at home more cost-effective than enrolling your child in a private school, but your child will also have individualized education from the people that know them best. American Academy provides resources and curriculum for parents looking to teach their children at home. We are accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. Our graduates have been accepted into Tech, Community, and State Colleges and Universities. This program is also approved for admission into the United States Armed Forces.

Our Curriculum

We use the ACE Christian Curriculum for our Self-Instructional Work Text Pace Program and for online education, we use the Ignitia online program. The ACE program is a specialized system that teaches not only academic concepts but critical thinking skills and Biblical Christian character-building principles.

This Christian Education program emphasizes individual development, using a mastery-based advancement system, rather than a merely chronological grade-level advancement program. This ensures that students only progress when they have truly understood the concepts and skills related to the given course. This means that students who learn a concept quickly are able to advance quickly, keeping them interested and motivated. For students that learn more slowly, they have the time they need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the given material.

Online Programs

The online program places parents in a partnership role. This means they don’t have to plan the lessons themselves and students have the freedom to work at their own pace. The material is organized and selected in a way that ensures the students gain a school year’s worth of education, but are limited to a rigid, classroom agenda. This is a great option for parents as well. The self-teaching structure of the online program allows students to work on their own, with the parents acting in more of a supervisory role. The program includes parent training to make sure they are prepared and understand the best way to support their child’s education.

American Academy’s Christian Education Experience

The American Academy was established in 1987 and has served families for over 30 years. Dr, Reynolds and his wife Linda saw a need to help homeschool families and began the American Academy homeschool program while serving in the Christian School Ministry as Principal and Secretary.

American Academy’s Accredited Christian Homeschool Program is designed to accelerate your child’s learning while maintaining a higher standard for homeschooling programs. We have optimized our Accredited Christian Homeschool Programs to provide your child with an academically sound curriculum that supports a Christian Worldview.