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Welcome To A New School Year

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Welcome To A New School Year

Welcome to the Academy – Christian Homeschool Blog

We want to thank you for choosing the American Academy for your home school program. Established in 1987, the Academy has helped to set the standard for home schooling. The Academy always strives to serve those who give us their trust in helping parents to educate their children. We also offer an accredited Christian Homeschool Online.

We are all busy and most of the time we only glance at reading material.

However, your ACADEMY NEWSLETTER is the major communication tool that we use to keep you informed. Every topic is vital to our team work in making your program a success.

Please read every topic and highlight items that are important to remember. Place your newsletters in a special file at the Supervisor Station for reference.

School Starts August 15th

We are expecting an enrollment increase this August for the coming school year. To help avoid the delay in curriculum shipment this coming year, please call the Academy or send in your Re-Enrollment Card with the Family Enroll-ment Fee of $95.00 and your first tuition payment. This will better able you to receive your curriculum and start school on time. With our new Christian Homeschool Online courses early enrollment is important.


The staff of the Academy thank you for your patience during this busiest of times for starting home schooling. We are working hard to avoid any inconvenience this may cause you in getting started this year.

After receiving your curriculum for the first quarter, you will experience a more even flow of curriculum.


American Academy Home Schooling 30th Year

  • Established in 1987 the Academy has given many years of service to home school families, the American Academy has been a full service home school academy where students have the advantages of school enrollment.
  • The Academy serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through Senior High School. The Academy offers a character based educational program and follows the course requirements for graduation and is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.
  • The administrator of the American Academy holds a Masters of Education degree with a major in Second-ary School Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma and has Post Graduate work from the University of Oklahoma and holds Oklahoma certification.
  • The Academy keeps academic records, High School Transcripts, and Issues a Kindergarten, Grade School and High School Diploma upon graduation. Academy high school graduates have entered the work place, military service and colleges and are eligible for college scholarships.


Our dedication to your family is to provide a Five Star Educational Program

  • Educational Professionalism,
  • Quality in Educational Curriculum,
  • Honesty in Business Practice,
  • Quick, Friendly and Dependable Service and…
  • Education for your family that will make you proud.

Thank you for your confidence and trust as we serve your family.

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Providing Home Schooling Since 1987 – Now Offering Christian Homeschool Online Courses



BY PHONE… 405-634-7777

The Academy Phone lines are reached by our number 405-634-7777. If the phone
has not been answered because of busy phones during office hours, you will be able
to leave a message in the Voice Mail. We have staff persons specifically to
answer the phones and transfer calls to the various departments. After hour
messages may be left on the voice mail.

BY FAX… 405-632-4301

You can send notes or requests by the Fax.


Our Web Site is where you can send messages to
the academy by e-mail.


The web site can give important information and credibility to family and friends who
want to learn more about your home school program with the American Academy.


  • Remember when we looked forward to going to school?
  • When our teachers had a calling to teach as a mission from God?
  • When moral values taught at school were the same as the values taught at home?
  • When most students believed God created the Heavens and Earth?
  • When we believed that man was created and did not evolve from animals?
  • When we were taught that we had an eternal purpose for living?
  • When we were held to God’s standards for living?
  • When we were taught basic skills of education: Math, English, Science, History, Geography, Government, Citizenship, Reading, and Penmanship.
  • When the social agendas were Christian and supported our country’s values and way of life?
  • When we had to learn the subjects in order to pass? When the book was the standard of instruction instead of the class.
  • When there was a right and wrong at school, when character was a virtue and bullies had no place at school?
  • When the way we dressed was respectful and an example to others instead of an obstacle for authority to overcome?
  • When the Golden Rule and Way to Live was taught from the Bible and the Ten Commandments hung on the school house wall?
  • When we weren’t afraid to go to school without police protection and weren’t searched as we walked through the door?
  • When the morning announcements included a devotion and a prayer and we pledged to the Flag of the United States of America, One Nation, Under God.
  • When our teacher’s loved us and had our best interest at heart?
  • When what was taught at school didn’t conflict with what was taught at home or church?
  • When you started home schooling for these very reasons?



In order to protect the credibility of home schooling, it is the policy of the American Academy that there be no dishonesty or cheating while working with Academy Curriculum. In the event of deliberate disregard for the policies and procedures of the Academy, the student will be subject to withdrawal.