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Socialization and Home Schooling

Socialization and Home Schooling



Many times those who are desirous of homeschooling their children have been questioned by those concerned who want to see all children have happy social experiences in their education. They feel a lack of socialization will be a deterrent to a proper education. This represents the importance of Christian Homeschooling Programs.


Socialization is many things to many people. In most cases, we think socialization as children being with other children their own age at school so they can learn how to get along with others in society and be able to relate and cope with the “Real World”.

Let’s examine this thought. In order to get along with others in society, we must first respect authority and our fellow man. When we take a child and place him in an environment for socialization with other children who are not taught this respect, peer pressure often brings the child to act and think like others in their group. The more “socialization” they receive in their own age group, the more like the group they will act. The child can develop a group attitude with group values. Carried to the full extent, if the child is in a group with values and attitudes contrary to the values and attitudes you have taught at home, because of peer pressure the child may develop those values and attitudes which will limit the child in life. Christian Homeschooling Programs help.


What we really desire from education is to train an individual citizen to think for themselves, making decisions from values and attitudes which are based on respect for God, authority, and his fellow man. Our desire is to develop a person who has convictions for life-based on character, right conduct, proper communication in their speech and a person whose appearance is a blessing instead of an obstacle to overcome.


The best setting for education is one teacher to one student. The Bible says we are to train up children in the way they should go, so when they are old, they will not depart from that way. We are to be training children to be adults. We are not to allow children to teach children to be children. The Bible teaches “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child” and if a child is placed in only one age group and is taught only by their peers, they can bring shame to their parents as they try to find themselves and be unable to cope with the world around them.


The best place for a child to learn respect and qualities listed above is at home with a curriculum that teaches: Purpose in Life, Character, Godly Knowledge and Social Skills which reflect respectful manners and appearance with a good positive attitude. They say “the proof is in the pudding”. Compare the next home schooled child you see with the socialized children of the world around you can see who respects God, authority, and their fellow man and not just those of their own age group. This is where Christian Homeschooling Programs truly shine. Some would ask the homeschooler, “What about Socialization?” but we should ask “What about Education and Social Skills

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