Start Homeschooling Online
at the American Academy

Home School Enrollment


Step 1: Fill Out the Enrollment Application

Include the Registration Fee of $110.00 per family and the Testing Fee for grades 5 through 8 of $20.00 per child to be tested.
Note: No Diagnostic Testing Fee is required for Online Programs or Preschool/Kindergarten
Please adjust the amount to the Enrollment Fee only when finalizing payment or calling for assistance.


Step 2: Receive Enrollment and Home School Training

Once the enrollment application form has been submitted, American Academy will send the Home School Training Enrollment to parents or guardian(s).


Step 3: Take Enrollment Home School Training Training

After receiving the Training, the parent or guardian takes the training and submits it back to the Academy. After the training has been submitted and the first tuition payment has been received, the curriculum is processed and sent to the parent to begin homeschooling.


Step 4: Keep the Training Handbook for Reference

While waiting for the curriculum to arrive, the parent reviews the training. Parents are to keep the Training Handbook for review and reference.


Step 5: Start Your Schooling Program

When the curriculum arrives, the family is ready to start schooling. If at any time the parent has problems or questions, we invite phone calls or email for any assistance needed.

Call Us With Any Questions at

405-691-8012 Or 866-605-7772