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Focus on Education

Focus on Education

Truth in Education Goals

American Academy Educational Program is totally individualized. Each subject consists of (12) twelve Paces, or parts, of which are worked as separate units. Students should complete 12 Paces in each subject in one year.

Each student is diagnosed and prescribed curriculum at the student’s level of achievement in each subject. A child may be working at a different level of curriculum in each subject according to his needs and abilities in his or her chronological grade level.

Many times children in conventional school programs are passed from grade to grade with no check on mastery of the subject. This leaves the student with LEARNING GAPS which will eventually lead to frustration and possible withdrawal from the learning process.

On the other hand, because a teacher has taught to the center of the class abilities, the advanced student is held back to a lock step mode which also leads to frustration and withdrawal from learning. If the child does continue with this method of schooling, the learning process is short circuited and instead of mastering the material in a grade, the child is only exposed to teaching with little or no learning. Thus the promotion of a child in this situation is based on curriculum exposure instead of curriculum mastery.

It should be noted that the best learner of the class in a conventional system is the TEACHER as she prepares and presents the lessons. Thus, it is true that the best learner in the self-paced individualized curriculum is the STUDENT as the student masters the curriculum from Pace to Pace. In this approach to education, the student has truly mastered the grades achieved while being in a curriculum level which is appropriate to his learning ability. This mastery of educational skills thus proves to give stronger learner outcomes for the child’s future.

School Evaluation

There are basically five categories for which to look when evaluating the quality of a school. The American Academy has set these qualities as the Academy hallmark in maintaining educational quality for your home school program.

  1. Professional Appearance and Quality.
  2. A Professional Staff.
  3. An Excellent Educational Program.
  4. Positive Student Educational Outcomes.
  5. The Emphasis of Biblical Values.

This test applies not only to the School site but also to the home where the child is edu-cated with the home school program.

How Important Is Your Child’s Education

When Parents and Educators are asked , “Why do you educate your children?”,
You will receive answers among which are:

  • to get a good education, so they can have a good life,
  • to get a good job,
  • because it is required by law, and other answers.

These are all good reasons, but it is not the whole reason.

The sole purpose of education is to train our children to think for themselves, to make decisions from values which are based on respect for the authority of God, love for their fellow man, and to build a respectful, productive and successful life.

Parents who home school their children can hold to an education offering the following essentials:

  • Each person has a purpose in life as they were created by God.
  • Each person will be successful by having respectful attitudes.
  • Character is based on absolute values of right and wrong.
  • Mastering education skills produces confidence and enthusiasm, fostering success in life.
  • Social skills of proper appearance, manners and speech are essential for a successful life.
  • Parents have control over the influences and curriculum whereby the child learns.
  • Parents can build proper attitudes toward their faith in God and respect for their Country.

These important aspects of a child’s education are seldom addressed by parents at home and seldom if at all by schooling attempts outside of the home. What if a child is “educated” by most school standards receiving a diploma and then fails to have the most basic of knowledge and understanding in these seven areas.

The most important responsibility in raising children is the practice of education. A person’s behavior and actions are based on what that person believes. A person’s value base is determined by how that person is educated.

Mastery education which trains a child with a mastery of the concepts of academic knowledge, financial knowledge, physical (health) knowledge, proper relationships and spiritual knowledge, makes up a true education. Home Schooling with the proper tools, curriculum, and structure will help the child to acquire these values for life.

The American Academy Staff thank you for allowing us to be a part of your home schooling.


The School for Home Schooling Families

  • The Academy follows traditional state and national guidelines for education.
  • Enrollment in the Academy helps to build home schooling confidence.
  • The self-instructional curriculum gives needed educational structure.
  • Parents experience Academy support and educational expertise.
  • The Academy educational program encourages academic success.
  • The Academy provides record keeping, report cards, transcripts and graduation.
  • Kindergarten, Eighth Grade and High School Diplomas are provided.
  • The Academy is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.


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