children at homeschoolHome School Advantages

Unfortunately, while many home-schooling families innately appreciate the educational importance of home-schooling, this issue is frequently ignored, and home-schooling can have a negative reputation because it is strongly correlated with socio-political and religious motivations. While these explanations are very real, when it comes to home school advantages, they don’t paint the whole picture; encouraging non-home-schoolers to consider the importance and relevance of home-schooling in terms of education will also open the door to comprehension and debate.

There is a great deal of momentum in modern education for differentiation – i.e. a learning process that meets the needs of the individual, not just the group. Each student has different talents, challenges and interests that affect the way they learn. In homeschooling, distinction happens normally. Both the schedule and the quality of the learning should be structured to satisfy the needs of the particular student. Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach, each student can become a masterpiece of their own.

Homeschooling offers children the best chance to engage in their own learning process. — a child, with the guidance and approval of the parent or other tutor, may engage in the design of their own tests, projects and experiments; a student-centric approach. This allows students to engage more actively in the management of their own learning, while the parent-teacher ensures that they remain within the parameters of the educational objective. The following factors elaborate on more home school advantages: 

  • Versatility: It is impossible for home-schoolers to have the same range of resources as the school community, in terms of books, gyms and equipment, science equipment, etc. That being said, home-schoolers generally benefit from a much broader range of services overall. To start with:
              – Your child will have direct access to the outdoors, and can take productive breaks as needed. 
              – Don’t underestimate the science supplies you have access to: you probably have access to a lot more household supplies and cleaners than school science labs, and they can                be used for a whole host of experiments and activities.
  • Mobility. Homeschoolers can go on a lot more field trips. They don’t take weeks to organize, and you can arrange your schedule around the time of the museum, the factory, the library or the natural phenomenon you want to visit. Homeschoolers can learn a lot more at first hand.
  • Peer bonding experiences and connections with various genders: Homeschoolers are often labeled as having limited social opportunities. In reality, home-schoolers, especially in home-school families with multiple children, can have many opportunities for social interactions that are naturally built into their day. They are constantly developing healthy relationships with people of all ages, because they remain within a natural community that encompasses a wide range of ages, rather than a built community in which they largely socialize only at their own age. Homeschool families also have older students working alongside younger ones (different material or stages, of course) and this gives rise to normal teaching and learning interactions between siblings. Nothing may have been better!
  • Life-long learning, the application of real-life: Homeschooling places education in its proper context: real life. Homeschoolers have a rare ability to truly know by living and engaging the five senses, as well as practice, in their fields of learning. Some families even have the opportunity to travel that they would not be able to take if the children were in a private or public school. Homeschooling allows the family to take advantage of all the real-life opportunities they have, and design or adjust their curriculum as needed to make the most of what they’re doing.
  • One-on-one mentoring work:  Just one more plus to add to the list – home-schoolers get a better teacher-student ratio than almost any school, and the parent-teacher knows the students very well! This will contribute to an optimal atmosphere for the child’s personal development.
  • Choose what’s working: Parental preference of the fundamental elements of education is another advantage of homeschooling. You may use your own program and tools to help your child study different subjects or from different viewpoints. You should help your kid succeed at the pace that she’s ready for, rather than getting trapped in an arbitrary grade point. You’re child’s education may even be at one level for reading and another level for math. You should do your home education on a timetable that fits well for your child and your family. For most countries, parents will also set their own graduation standards, helping teenagers prepare for jobs, a creative career, or college with high school years that make sense for the particular child. You will also see the advantages of beginning home school in high school years.

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