Home School Advantages For Your Children To Take Charge

Home School AdvantagesThere are many home school advantages. When you ask Educators and Parents alike, ”Why educate our children?”, you will hear answers among which are:

  1. To be successful
  2. To get a good job
  3. To become a leader
  4. Because it is required by law

These are all good reasons, but it is not the foundational purpose. Since the creation of the earth, one golden thread has always been woven through world history and that thread is education. Governments have come and gone, mankind has lived under various political systems, but the responsibility to educate our children, as commanded by God, consistently remains the responsibility of the parent.

Acknowledging the fundamental principles of God’s command to educate our children, the founding fathers of the United States of America confirmed this principle in establishing the Bill of Rights where freedom of religion is guaranteed to the citizens. What a person is taught, believes and practices are how they live. Education is preparation for living and is engrained in freedom of religion. In order for freedom to remain in any country, parental choice is paramount in the education of their children.

Being A Parent Is One Of The Advantages of Homeschooling 

Parents are given a mandate from God for the responsibility of educating their children. Thus, parents are the sole custodians responsible for the education of their children. Although there are certain areas of state compelling interests that must be recognized by the parent in the education of a child, it is the parent who is the ultimate authority under God and is responsible for the education of the child. The Biblical admonition to train up a child in the way he should go includes the school day. The admonition exists when the child sits in the house, lies down, rises up, and walks in the way. In other words, there is no time out to teach contrary to Biblical values.
One of the most important responsibilities in raising children is the practice of education. A person’s behavior and actions are based on what that person believes. A person’s value base is determined by how that person is trained.
There are basically two positions of philosophy in training taken in education.

  1. The “World View” based on Relative Values, where man is the center and all things revolve around a man. Man is believed to be an evolved creature and attempts to be the savior of the plight of the world and of himself.
  2. The Creation View based on Biblical Values, where God is the center and all things revolve around God. Man is a created person. God is the author of the universe and the provider of the salvation of man and the plight of the world through Jesus Christ. The paramount purpose of education should be to train individuals to think for themselves, making decisions from values that are based on respect for the authority of God and love for their fellow man, building a respectful, productive, and successful life.

In Our HomeSchool…

We learn that God exists.
We’re taught we are created beings …
…and have a purpose in life.
We complete our yearly subjects with mastery.
The standard of instruction is the assigned curriculum.
We are taught to live by God’s Standards.
We are taught there is a right and a wrong.
The Ten Commandments can hang from our wall.
We are safe in the security of our home…
We can pray at school every day.
Honesty and Truthfulness …
… are among our most cherished values.
We pledge to the Flag, One Nation Under God.
Our Teacher loves us …
…and has our best interest at heart.
…and we will be prepared for the real world …