American Academy Home School Graduation

The Academy with 25 years of service has a yearly High School, Grade School, and Kindergarten Home School Graduation Program in Oklahoma City.

Honored Tradition

It has been a time honored tradition through the years to make the American Academy home school graduation one of the most respected ceremonies available to graduates. An important and solemn occasion. The Academy graduation has been honored by graduates, family and friends as an important event in each graduates life.

Home School Graduation is one of the most important events in your child’s life. As the graduate passes by each academic milestone, it is important to celebrate this time in their lives with your family and friends at their graduation.

Graduation Components

The Academy has prepared a Quality Diploma for each student that will be graduating. When attending graduation with cap and gown, your child will experience a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as they celebrate their accomplishment with you, your family and friends.

The Senior Class colors are cardinal red and black and graduate in a cardnal red cap and gown with a cardnal red and black tassel. The High School Diploma is presented in a black leather like diploma cover with a professional American Academy High School Diploma which fits in the cover.

The Eighth Grade Class color is dark blue and graduate in a dark blue cap and gown with a dark blue tassel. The diploma is presented in a dark blue vinyl diploma cover.

The Kindergarten Class color is white and graduate in a white cap and gown with a white tassel. The diploma is presented in a white vinyl diploma cover.

Graduation Photographs

A professional photo studio will be present at the graduation. The studio takes pictures of the graduating classes. As well as each graduate’s personal graduation photograph. Memory Packets are available to order.

Reasons for a Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

Following quite a while of difficult work and homeschooling, your young person is prepared to graduate. Will you basically hand your kid a transcript and recognition or do you really need to experience the time and exertion to design a graduation function? To be gruff, you do need to plan a graduation service for your youngster. However, why is it so important to do so?


A graduation service is an approach to perceive and thank everybody who upheld you as the years progressed. Homeschooling may occur at home, yet homeschoolers are normally all over the place in the network too. Children take classes at centers. They are coached by tutors in various fields. Grandparents, companions, ministers, and different pioneers all take part in controlling both you and your high schooler along this adventure. A graduation function isn’t just about perceiving the difficult work you and your youngster did; it’s additionally about freely regarding those individuals who helped you en route. It’s a method to state bless your heart. Your graduation service demonstrates thankfulness to the companions who empowered you when you figured homeschooling secondary school could never work, the grown-ups who coached your kid through troublesome subjects, and the guides who put resources into your lives throughout the years. Regardless of whether you plainly express that thanks or not in the service, in any event, welcoming them to the occasion offers your thanks for their commitment to this achievement. A graduation function is an open thank you to everybody who helped you complete the mammoth accomplishment of homeschooling secondary school.


Most importantly a graduation service is an approach to have your devotion and your kid’s difficult work perceived. It is difficult to homeschool a youngster right through secondary school. You investigated, obsessed about educational program, and supported for your youngster every one of these years. You spent extended periods of time and late evenings in sincere exchanges and discussions with your high schooler. On their part, your young people likewise buckled down. They read, composed, examined, and went through hours taking notes. They yielded social time with their companions as they figured out how to concentrate on long haul objectives instead of transient satisfaction. Try not to give this difficult work a chance to be overlooked. Both you and your young person have the right to have your difficult work publicly celebrated.


The open service of graduation is a motivation for more youthful youngsters, for companions, and for family. The graduation service lets the world know it’s conceivable to homeschool right to secondary school graduation. There’s a reason and a conclusion to such exertion and difficult work. Secondary school graduation is an achievement that is inside reach to anybody with devoted constancy. The secondary school graduation is likewise an update that youth doesn’t keep going forever. Homeschooling and secondary school both have an end point. Obviously, that end is the beginning of another lifestyle for the alumni. Occasions like secondary school graduation services help all of us to remember the expectation found in another phase of life.

A Cherished Memory

A secondary school graduation service gives everybody included great recollections. There’s something significant about a secondary school graduation that makes it important: the commonplace top and outfit, tuft, and ribboned certificate are soothing images that hold incredible hugeness to everybody in participation. A graduation function speaks to the finish of secondary school contemplates – that minute when teenagers are perceived for all the work they contributed throughout the years to accomplish this minute. The memory of officially getting the secondary school certificate and warmly greeting mother and father will be carved on their memory until the end of time. Try not to deny your offspring of the recollections that are common for our general public during this customary rite of passage.

Rite of Passage

In our way of life, the graduation function has become an open rite of passage. Young people in secondary school, regardless of whether they are 18, are as yet thought about kids according to our general public. Living at home with guardians who settle on all the significant choices, they are particularly under the vigilant consideration of mother and father. They’re not viewed as full grown-ups yet. Anyway once youngsters have moved on from secondary school they are never again kids yet grown-ups, planning to venture out from home and start a different life. The graduation function perceives this achievement in your youngster’s life. It’s an open declaration that this adolescent is never again a kid however is presently a grown-up and ought to be treated all things considered. Your high schooler will profit by this representative marker of the finish of youth and the start of adulthood.

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