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Home School Graduation

Home School Graduation

American Academy Graduation

Home School Graduation

The Academy with 25 years of service has a yearly High School, Grade School, and Kindergarten Home School Graduation Program in Oklahoma City.

Honored Tradition

It has been a time honored tradition through the years to make the American Academy home school graduation one of the most respected ceremonies available to graduates. An important and solemn occasion. The Academy graduation has been honored by graduates, family and friends as an important event in each graduates life.

Home School Graduation is one of the most important events in your child’s life. As the graduate passes by each academic milestone, it is important to celebrate this time in their lives with your family and friends at their graduation.

Graduation Components

The Academy has prepared a Quality Diploma for each student that will be graduating. When attending graduation with cap and gown, your child will experience a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as they celebrate their accomplishment with you, your family and friends.

The Senior Class colors are cardnal red and black and graduate in a cardnal red cap and gown with a cardnal red and black tassel. The High School Diploma is presented in a black leather like diploma cover with a professional American Academy High School Diploma which fits in the cover.

The Eighth Grade Class color is dark blue and graduate in a dark blue cap and gown with a dark blue tassel. The diploma is presented in a dark blue vinyl diploma cover.

The Kindergarten Class color is white and graduate in a white cap and gown with a white tassel. The diploma is presented in a white vinal diploma cover.

Graduation Photographs

A professional photo studio will be present at the graduation. The studio takes pictures of the graduating classes and each graduates personal graduation photograph. Memory Packets may be ordered.

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