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Below you will find answers to many of the frequently asked online home school program questions. These answers are provided to help you understand the home school process, and help you make the best decision on behalf of your child. If your questions are not listed here, we can be contacted via our contact page which contains home schooling information, our phone number, email, and a form inquiry so you can get the quickest possible answer to your question. Our goal is for you to begin the home schooling process with all the facts, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our online home school program.

The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) National Center for Education Statistics, (NCES) released in December 2008 a report entitled “1.5 Million Home Schooled Students in the United States in 2007” (by Stacey Bielick) in which the author estimates the number of home schooled students in the United States (i.e., home school population size) to be 1.28 to 1.74 million in spring 2007. Dr. Ray, of NHERI, on the other hand, estimates that there were more than 2.0 million K-12 home school students in the U.S. during the spring of 2008. Consistent with Dr. Ray’s estimates, the NCES researcher found that the home school population has grown about 8% per year during the 4 years since the NCES’s previous study.