Tuition Cost

Home School Tuition at American Academy

Home School Tuition Cost is a service fee which is charged for each month’s home schooling services. One school year’s cost of home schooling consists of a yearly $110.00 Family Enrollment Fee and 9 Tuition Payments for each child. As each child’s tuition is paid, the Academy will service the account and will send curriculum on the first, third, fifth, and seventh payments of tuition. Tuition is due by the end of each month.

All learning materials are the property of the American Academy and are furnished as part of the Academy home school service. Score Keys and Resource Books are to be returned after the work is completed. If transferring to another school, all unused curriculum is to be returned to the Academy. We also provide an online home school program . If you’d like more information, please feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our team members who will be happy to assist you.

Financial Selection

Yearly Enrollment Costs: $110.00 for Family Enrollment Fee Cost of tuition to send to the Academy for the nine (9) payments for the school year or (5) payments per semester.
Diagnostic Testing Per Child: $20.00 for Grades 4 through 8

Note: No Diagnostic Testing Fee required for Online Program or Preschool/Kindergarten
Please adjust amount to Enrollment Fee only when finalizing payment

Home School Tuition Costs

Preschool and Kindergarten Grade School: 1st-8th
(9 Payments)
High School: Grade 9th-12th
(9 Payments)
1st Child  $65.00 Monthly (9 payments) 1st Child  $95.00 monthly 1st Child  $108.00 monthly
2nd Child  $90.00 monthly 2nd Child  $105.00 monthly
3rd Child  $75.00 monthly 3rd Child  $90.00 monthly

4th Child  $65.00 monthly

4th Child  $80.00 monthly
Graduation Fee: $45.00

*When finding your tuition amount, start with your highest grade child first and go to the lowest grade.

**All charges are non-refundable