Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL

Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL

Our Home schooling Curriculum for High School Students starts in the 9th grade and is completed in the 12th grade.  American Academy Curriculum Programs include School Of Tomorrow A.C.E. Curriculum, Alpha Omega Curriculum, Ignitia Online Curriculum and other supportive curricula to achieve a home schooling high school diploma.

Course Credit is earned as the High School Student works through the assigned curriculum for High School Graduation. Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL curriculum.

In order for the American Academy to meet the academic needs of the student offers an individual educational program based on three academic programs.

Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL

Home School Graduation Requirements:

(1) College Preparation Graduation Program

The courses on this level are classified as High School Level and are on the advanced level of instruction.  Students completing this course of study in the Private or Public School would be considered to be on the Advanced level. This Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL program level is required for students applying to the NCAA for approval of college admission. Carnegie Unit Requirements 25 credits.

The College Preparation Graduation Program is for the student who plans to attend college and is able to complete the more advanced subject areas of the curriculum. The student is placed on the College Preparation Program and earns credit as the course requirements are met. College Preparation Courses are on an advanced academic level.

Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL Requirements – 25 Credits

3       Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
4       English I, English II, English III, English IV
5       World History, American History, World Geography, Civics/Economics, Oklahoma History/                U.S. Constitution
3       Biology, Adv. Physical Science, Chemistry
2       Speech I, Health/Personal Finance
2       Foreign Language I-II
2       Credits of Arts or Humanities (Bible Course Required)
4       Elective Credits


(2) General Graduation Program Levels

Courses on this level are mostly college preparation and High School level courses.

This level requires core course and elective completion required for graduation.  Carnegie Unit Requirements 24 credits.

The General Graduation Program is for the students who are on a general academic learning level.  Students graduating on this level may still attend college, however, may be required to take remedial courses upon college entrance if their high school program did not contain higher Math, English and Science courses before graduation with our High School Home School Curriculum.

Minimum Graduation Requirements 24 Credits – Homeschool High School

3       Mathematics Courses including Algebra I
4       English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
4       World History, American History, Civics/Economics, Okla. History/ U.S. Constitution
3       Science Courses including Biology
1       Health/Personal Finance
2       Credits of Arts or Humanities (Bible Course Required)
7       Elective Credits

(3) Vocational Graduation Program – High School Curriculum Samples

The Vocational Graduation Program is for the student whose learning program is concerned with building basic learning skills, completing the more remedial levels of core subjects, and who will not plan on attending college. This level of graduation works well with Vocational Training Programs offered in Vo-Tech and Community Colleges.  Carnegie Unit Requirements 24 credits.

Vocational Graduation Requirements:
Minimum Graduation Requirements 24 Credits

3       Mathematics Courses including Algebra Concepts
4       English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
4       World History, American History, Civics & Geography, Okla. History/U.S. Constitution
3       Science Courses
1       Health/Personal Finance
2       Credits of Arts or Humanities (Bible Course Required)
7       Elective Credits

High School Graduation, Diploma and Transcripts
Upon the completion of the High School Program, the American Academy provides a professional High School Diploma and Transcript of Credits earned for graduation.

Educational Program
The Educational Program the Academy aids Parents to achieve the true purposes of education through the self-instructional curriculum of the core and supportive curriculum.  The self-instructional method and content is based on Biblical Values offering each child purpose in life, good attitudes, character, educational skills, and social skills which are the basic qualities for success in life.

Home School Training
The American Academy provides Home School Training for the parent who is in charge of home schooling the child.  The training is taken by means of the Handbook and Training Worksheets which are sent to the parent to complete in the convenience of the home. 9th grade home school training.

a.  The parent is shown how to maintain the desired quality for their home educational program.  The parent thus becomes a Home School Supervisor over the education of their children.

b.  The training program is designed to give the Home School Supervisor the confidence and skills to be successful in Home schooling. 

American Academy Instructional Method – Best High School Home School Programs
Upon enrollment with our High School Home School Curriculum, each child is tested by means of the Diagnostic Tests.  The child is then placed on his own learning ability level in the self-instructional curriculum and advances from one educational level to the next.  The child learns to take responsibility for learning while working the material, being supervised and directed by the parent. The Academy supplies the home schooling family with the quality educational structure and tools which will aid the building of academic excellence and Biblical values. This program will help to restore student achievement, good attitudes, and character in the lives of children in our High School Home School Curriculum.

The Advantages Of Our High School Home School Curriculum for Your High School Student

At American Academy, each and every year we see successful student/teacher/parent bonds being formed on a daily basis. Not every child can say with pride that their parent sacrificed precious time in their own life to further educate their own children because they felt that the public education system was not sufficient or dedicated enough to their child.

Our past home school for high school students and involved parents can attest to our prospective ones the effectiveness of our high school home schooling program in Oklahoma City and the vast benefits that come with it including but not limited to:

1. You being able to control your young students learning material and pace.

2. You being able to convey to your child that learning can be fun and rewarding and not always strenuous and boring.

3. Developing a much stronger relationship and bond with your child.

4. You being able to give your child personal attention and have every question answered without having to compete with other students for the time of a teacher.

5. You being able to keep a better schedule with your child because of eliminated travel time and unforeseen adversities that can come with a public school system.

6. You being able to teach your own core values and beliefs.

7. You being able to identify and concentrate on your child’s strengths and weaknesses alike.

There are many more potential advantages to home school for high school students but none surpass the invaluable time you get to spend with your child that seems to be missing from American core values today.

If you would like more information on our high school material, call American Academy and be on your way to improving your child’s education today with our High School Home School Curriculum.

Homeschool High School in Cusseta AL