Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL

**Preschool and Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL

Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL

Our preschool (pre-k) home schooling program is one of the best in preparing your child to develop his/hers reading ability. The program will help prepare your child for the oncoming kindergarten and elementary school years.

Children that go to pre-school have better chances at being successful because they become prepared for schooling at a very early age. With the preschool home schooling program they will be ahead of the game.

Home School Pre-K Programs

In a world where education is becoming increasingly more competitive, give your child a head start.

For children ages 4 or 5 that are not ready to learn to read we have a preschool program which teaches the child to get ready to learn to read. After successfully completing the program, the child is ready to learn to read. Our curriculum is planned out to produce highly effective results. We do the planning so the teacher does not have to waste time and energy in developing an effective curriculum while also providing the most high-quality materials.

Our home school preschool curriculum is precisely planned out to make teaching the materials very efficient for the teacher. With a very well thought out plan, our home schooling curriculum can ensure effective learning experience for your child. The curriculum is planned out to be executed daily to ensure the child practices the material routinely. By making sure that the child routinely practices materials the child will easily absorb the concepts and skills provided in the curriculum.

By using a home schooling program you can insure that your child is receiving all the attention he/she needs in order to be a successful student.

One on one schooling gives the teacher the ability to know exactly at what level the child is at. By knowing this they can tailor the way they teach the child to ensure the child is learning to the best of their ability. The teacher will know exactly where the child needs assistance in in order to give extra attention in that area.

This home school pre-k program gives total control of how the child learns. This also allows you to be able to choose how the child socially interacts with the environment. You can promote good social interaction by teaching good social skills. While teaching the child the skills and concepts to learn how to read you can also begin to teach the child about God. The child can begin to learn the love of God and how wonderful God is. Your child will grow with God and also begin to appreciate God while your child learns the concepts of reading.

The Preschool Home School Curriculum has two teachers’ manuals with day to day lesson plans and tools. The preschool program builds concepts and skills needed to equip the child to be ready to read while they learn social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love.

In the program, there are 180 lessons which cover an academically and activity centered preschool program. To assist the parent, there is phone support available.

**Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL Curriculum

For children 5 or 6 years of age that do not know how to read, we have a kindergarten program. The main focus in the kindergarten program is learning to read. The kindergarten students learn phonetic sounds: memory, visual, auditory, coordination, and math skills, as well as Christian character.

Our Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL program builds upon the Preschool home school program. It is not necessary to start your child in our Preschool program but it can be very beneficial if you do start your child in our homeschool pre-k Preschool program. Our program will teach your child the necessary reading skills and concepts to do better during your child’s Kindergarten year.

It is still definitely fine for your child to not have been taught through our program or not attended Preschool at all because we provide high-quality lesson plans for the Kindergarten curriculum that will rapidly bring your child up to pace.

The Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL curriculum mainly ensures that your child gains reading skills. The curriculum aims to hone the reading ability of the child. The child will learn sounds through visual and auditory memorization and will be able to produce quality pronunciations of words. The curriculum also provides math lessons plans that will begin to introduce numbers so the child can begin to acquaint themselves with those concepts. Math can be difficult to understand and we want the child to get a good footing on the concepts early on.

Through stories, the children will learn new sounds that are part of the many words in the English vocabulary. The stories will teach them the many sounds through memorization and rehearsal. By continually rehearsing sounds children will get a good grasp on the pronunciation of various different words. They will also learn the different consonants and vowels that are used to build words. Syllables are also part of the curriculum and make learning sounds and pronouncing words much easier by splitting words into smaller sections for them to easily memorize.

Our home school pre-k curriculum is built to effectively teach high-quality materials to the children.

We do not forget to add important Christian values to the curriculum to make sure the child grows with these values from an early age.

There are four quarterly teachers’ manuals with day to day lesson plans and tools. The kindergarten program is a phonetically based word recognition and early reader course. Students learn to identify the names and sounds of letters through stories and future associations. This course covers consonant sounds and blending, vowel sounds, consonant beginnings, endings, syllables and non-phonetic sounds.

The Kindergarten Home School in Edwardsville AL program also includes a complete kindergarten math program, as well as primary readers.

First Grade Non-Reader

If your child has not learned to read before entering the first grade, your child will need the “Reading Review Kit” plus the first-grade curriculum. After completing the Reading Review, the student should be able to read and be ready to start the first grade curriculum and tuition program. The cost of the Reading Review Kit is $75.00.

**Please note our online program is not available for Preschool through 2nd grade.