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The academic program of the American Academy uses The School of Tomorrow Curriculum and other supportive Faith Based Home School Curriculum in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} which is recognized and used nationwide. The School of Tomorrow, also known as Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), is a Christian home school curriculum. The educational emphasis of the American Academy presents an individualized educational program which results in student mastery of educational competencies and course requirements.

Curriculum Key Elements:
  1. Assures mastery of course content.
  2. Individualized to meet each student’s needs.
  3. Complete and comprehensive.
  4. Promotes goal setting and rewards achievement.
  5. Encourages student responsibility and self-motivation.
  6. Self-instructional mastery based work texts.

The American Academy’s Christian based curriculum is ideally suited to the Homeschool environment. It does not require time consuming and often overwhelming lesson preparation. Instead, the parent serves as a partner in the learning process. The School of Tomorrow Christian Home School curriculum uses Self-Teaching Units called “Paces”. Students work at their own pace and rate of comprehension, enabling a student to complete a school year’s work each year.

The Christian based curriculum is individualized to each student, using a series of academic assessment and placement tests, which pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses. This testing provides the information necessary to place the child exactly where he or she will best succeed while reinforcing academic learning gaps.

The Academy Christian Home School Curriculum Core includes five major academic disciplines: Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building (traditionally called language arts or spelling) along with other required high school courses and electives. Each Core Curriculum subject contains 144 units of curriculum beginning with pre-school, kindergarten and grade level 1 and ending with grade level 12. The exceptions to this are Math (which contains 132 units) and Word Building (which concludes at the end of the ninth level).

Each curriculum level course consists of 10 to 12 units. Normally, a student will complete 60 to 72 units in one academic year; however, this will vary according to the student’s ability and grade level. The student who is more skilled may progress at a faster rate. One who is slower is encouraged to do his best while working on his level of proficiency and proceeding, as he is capable. The typical student, then, is working on one unit in each of the five or more subjects. However, the units may be on varying levels, according to the academic prescription based on diagnostic testing.

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

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The Value of Christian Homeschool Curriculum and Education

With the curriculum offered by National Home School, your child is not only being taught all of the essential subjects such as mathematics, reading, and writing, but they are being taught traditional Christian values that will help them progress through life. Our Faith Based Home School Curriculum in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} is designed in such a way to emphasize your students individual needs and achievements, as opposed to the one size fits all approach of public and private schools.

If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to learn more about the Christian homeschooling programs we offer, please feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our goal is to provide top quality Faith Based Home School Curriculum in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}, so we love hearing feedback from you.