Home School Goals

American Academy Home School Goals In Cusseta AL

Why do you need home school goals? Goal setting is an important step in the process of building your home school. Parents are given a mandate from God for the responsibility of raising and educating their children. Parents are the sole custodians responsible for the education of their children. The Biblical admonition to train up our children in the way they should go includes the school day and exists when the child sits in the house, lies down, rises up, and walks in the way.

The most important responsibility in raising children is the practice of education. A person’s behavior and actions are based on what that person believes. A person’s value base is based on how a person is educated.

Having home school goals in Cusseta AL based on Biblical values is the foundation for teaching children that:

  1. We are created for a purpose under God and answerable to him for how we live.
  2. We must have a good attitude and teachable spirit being willing to learn to respect our parents and authority under God.
  3. We must develop good character which holds to honesty, truthfulness and morality being displayed as integrity, thus producing honor from our fellow man and the blessings of God upon our lives.
  4. Knowledge produces confidence and enthusiasm for accomplishment and success.
  5. We must display respectful behavior, proper dress and conversation,and speech pleasing to God. Education of any other kind produces failure.
If you look at each skill subject as a natural progression of skills and achievements, as well as how they fit within a larger framework (especially language skills), it is much easier to set realistic and attainable goals.

Appropriate objectives will give you a clear direction during each home school year and help to simplify the process of selecting appropriate courses and curriculum purchases. Most of all, solid goals give you the ability to change course when unexpected life events interrupt your carefully planned schedule. On the other hand, if you choose to forego setting any annual goals for your home school, you may be in difficulty. Without a clear plan, you could easily over-plan, fill your home school day with too many subjects and books — which could lead to burn-out for you and your children. If you don’t have a clear direction, it’s easy to blur and lose focus, as well as start the dreaded “curriculum hop,” as you fall into the habit of looking for that “perfect” curriculum.

The Purpose

The whole purpose of education is to train a child to know how to live. With the proper training, curriculum and tools for educating children, who better can prepare a child for life than you the parent? The Academy has chosen the finest educational package to aid you in preparing your children for life during their school years. The staff of the American Academy is here to aid and serve you as you prepare your children for life.

The American Academy can help parents to train their children to think for themselves, to make decisions from values which are based on; respect for the authority of God, love for their fellow man, and to build a respectful, productive and successful life. Mastery of Christian curriculum which trains a child in the concepts of academic knowledge, financial knowledge, physical (health) knowledge, proper relationships and spiritual knowledge, makes up a true education.

The American Academy Staff consider it a privilege and great responsibility to serve the families allowing us to be a part of their children’s home schooling.