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Elementary and Middle Home School Curriculum

Elementary and Middle Home School Curriculum

Elementary and Middle School Home School Program

Elementary Home School Curriculum | American AcademyThe Elementary Home School Curriculum Program starts with 1st grade and is completed in 5th grade. We provide some of the top elementary and middle school home schooling programs in the United States.

Home schooled children, in general, do better in testing than children that go to public or private schools. Our programs are no different and will even go farther to provide only the best in home schooling education.

Our elementary and middle home school curriculum which goes through grades 1 through 5 and 6 through 8 consists of 5 topics. The child will learn Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts.

Math can be difficult for some children and home schooling offers some of the best chances to understand the concepts in depth. The parent can assist the child directly with these studies so they do not struggle and can be successful.

Our programs teach children the English language from an early age starting with our Preschool program. We have children learning our high-quality materials from an early age to make sure they can easily grasp on to the English concepts during their elementary school years.

Our programs are tailored for each student so they can learn starting at the level with which they are comfortable.

This is the wonderful thing about an accredited home school curriculum, children can get special attention for certain subjects so they are not left behind like in a public school classroom that is filled with 20 to 30 children.

In our elementary accredited home school curriculum, children will also learn social studies which would include history. This will teach the child about the United States and its history. Social studies is an essential topic for the curriculum.

Science is also part of the curriculum and will introduce fundamental topics that will be fun for the children to learn. Science is the basis for understanding many concepts in the real world. We strive to provide very high-quality science materials for the children throughout the child’s elementary and middle school careers.

Along with learning English and learning how to read they will also learn how to write with the Language Arts course that is included in the curriculum. They will learn the basic functions in order to create words and will also learn how to spell these words correctly. This will ensure that the children are able to build their vocabulary easily and be able to produce proper sentences.

Too many children are growing up without basic Biblical values. These basic biblical values form good character and good attitude in the child. We understand the importance of these values and want to make them part of our middle and elementary accredited home school curriculum lesson plan in order for your child to build a strong and respectful personality.

Children are given assessments before they begin any curriculum. The assessments are there for us to gauge what education level your child is at. This will help us get a good idea on how to form the perfect curriculum for your child.

You can then teach your child all of the necessary materials for your child to get up to pace or to get ahead. You have total control of how much your child learns. If your child is a quick learner you can get him ahead or you can teach subjects more thoroughly to ensure that your child has a firm grasp on the subject.

We also provide you, the parent, with materials in teacher training. We want you to be confident in teaching your child so we send you a teaching handbook and worksheets that will instruct you on proper ways to teach a child. These materials can be studied at your home.  The materials will help you become a more effective teacher.

The Middle School home school courses starts with 6th grade and is completed in 8th grade.

Elementary Home School Curriculum

Grades 1-5   School of Tomorrow ACE Curriculum
The Elementary Accredited Homeschool Curriculum consists of five of the essential courses for each grade.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts (Spelling and Word Building)

Middle Home School Curriculum

Grades 6-8 School of Tomorrow ACE Curriculum
The Middle School Accredited Homeschool Curriculum consists of five of the essential courses for each grade.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts (Spelling and Word Building)

Elementary Home School CurriculumEducational Program
The Educational Program the Academy aids Parents to achieve the true purposes of education through the self-instructional Middle and Elementary Home School Curriculum of the core.  The self-instructional method and content is based on Biblical Values offering each child purpose in life, good attitudes, character, educational skills, and social skills which are the basic qualities for success in life.


Home School Training
The American Academy provides Home School Training for the parent who is in charge of home schooling the child.  The training is taken by means of the Handbook and Training Worksheets which are sent to the parent to complete in the convenience of the home. The parent is shown how to maintain the desired quality for their accredited home school curriculum.

The parent thus becomes a Home School Supervisor over the education of their children.

The training program is designed to give the Home School Supervisor the confidence and skills to be successful in Home schooling. 

American Academy Instructional Method
Upon enrollment each child is tested by means of the Diagnostic Tests.  The child is then placed on his own learning ability level in the self-instructional curriculum and advances from one educational level to the next.  The child learns to take responsibility for learning while working the material, being supervised and directed by the parent. The Academy supplies the home schooling family with the quality educational structure and tools which will aid the building of academic excellence and Biblical values. This program will help to restore student achievement, good attitudes, and character in the lives of children.

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