American Academy Online Home School Program

American Academy Online Home School Program

Online Curriculum Grades 3 through 12.

The online program we use is published by Alpha Omega Publishers and is called “IGNITIA”. Every subject is online. The Online Program is tailored for grades three through Senior High School.

How the Program Works

  • The student is able to log in at any time during the day and does not need to have a certain time to do the work.
  • A schedule is set up and assignments are due on certain dates which are flexible.
  • The Program is self-grading and in some cases the parent will assist in the grading of written material of the assignment.
  • The student works on the daily assignments until the year’s assignments are completed.
  • The Academy also is in contact with the student assignments for the school year.
  • The grades are taken by the Academy from the online program and placed on the Academy’s record system for later report cards and transcripts.

Parent Training   

  • After enrollment and first tuition payment is made, the parent is sent an email with a link to the training for parent oversight as the “Home School Supervisor”.
  • The Training will help assure the parent that the student is completing the proper amount of work each school day.
  • After the parent takes the training which lasts about an hour on the computer, the parent submits the training results to the academy.
  • After the first tuition payment is made, the Academy places the students account on a credit card automatic withdrawal for the remainder of the school years tuition costs.
  • If the first tuition payment is paid, the Academy sends an email to the parent with the link for the student to log in to the students school assignments.

Affordable Online Program

Because the parent takes part in the supervision of the student, the American Academy is able to offer the program to families at an affordable price.  After the Enrollment Fee is paid there are 9 payments of tuition for a full school year and 5 payments of tuition for a semester.

Monthly billing statements give the parent a record of payments of tuition.

American Academy Online Curriculum Features

Automatic Grading

The majority of student work is automatically graded with Ignitia. Students receive instant feedback, and data is stored for later reporting with this practical, time-saving feature.

Real-time Curriculum Updates

With real-time curriculum updates, students always have the most up-to-date content, and teachers don’t have to worry about making changes or corrections.

Data Management and Reporting Tools

Ignitia easily creates reports for students, teachers, administrators, and parents, supporting to student learning and academic success. Administrators and teachers can review student grades, progress, lesson plans, and action items on demand.

Assignment Screens

Students get a consolidated view of daily assignments, curriculum overviews, due dates, subject reviews, and grades with this organizational feature geared to keep them on track. Teacher assignment screens allow them to edit, add, remove, or reorder assignments, as well as change due dates of projects and tasks to pace coursework appropriately or according to individualized learning plans.

Media-Rich Learning

More than 50,000 multimedia elements including audio and video files, challenging games, interactive exercises, a historical timeline, and integrated video clips reinforce concepts and offer in depth explanation of key points.

Text Translation Tool

With our text translation tool, lesson text can be translated into eight different languages including Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.


This user-friendly application allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons to promote greater understanding by simply highlighting the text within the lesson.

Strong, Reliable Security Safeguards

Role-based access controls, automatic expiration, and other security features enforce and support a credible learning experience.

Useful Tools

Ignitia includes a reference tool, a feedback tool, and a support link to help students learn and encourage them to take responsibility for their own education.

Integrated Web Links

Ignitia includes optional web links that reference primary sources and relevant information associated with the lessons that inject historical and global perspectives and encourage self-directed learning.

Printing Options

Convert on-screen information to the printed page with flexible printing options. Students and teachers can print entire assignments, lessons, vocabulary lists, problems, and records.