American Academy Accredited Homeschool Programs


For children ages 4 or 5 that are not ready to learn to read we have a preschool program which teaches the child to get ready to learn to read. 

Elementary/Middle School

The Elementary Homeschool Program starts with 1st grade and is completed in 5th grade. The Middle School Program starts with 6th grade and is completed in 8th grade.

Curriculum Programs

The American Academy offers two curriculum programs. Self-Instructional Work Text Pace program or the Ignitia online program.


For children 5 or 6 years of age that do not know how to read, the American Academy has a kindergarten program along with a variety of homeschool programs.

High School

The High School Homeschool Curriculum starts in the 9th grade and is completed in the 12th grade.


“The School for Homeschooling Families”

American Academy National Home School is a recognized trusted provider when it comes to homeschool programs. We offer affordable, Christian based education system that is designed with the highest level of education for your child in mind. Our education program is created to not only meet but exceed the requirements set forth for homeschooling education that continues all the way through high school graduation.

Choosing the right program for your student is one of the most important decisions that you will make on behalf of your child. This is why we have put a great deal of time crafting our education program to better suit the needs of today’s students. We hope that you will consider National Home School and our home school program and curriculum for your child’s education needs.

The American Academy Homeschool Program is among the finest homeschool programs available with over 30 years of service to homeschool families. You will have all the training, curriculum and tools you need to give your children an excellent education.

The whole purpose of education is to train a child to know how to live. With the proper training, curriculum and tools for educating children, who better could prepare a child for life than you the parent.

The Academy has chosen the finest educational package to aid you in preparing your children for life during their school years.

The staff of the American Academy is here to aid and serve you. Please know that even though you have enrolled your children in the Academy, you are our valued customer.

Our Dedication to Your Family is to Provide…

  • An affordable quality home school program,
  • Educational professionalism,
  • Quality in educational curriculum,
  • Honesty in business practice,
  • Quick, friendly and dependable service.

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