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Tips For New Homeschoolers

Tips For New Homeschoolers

Tips For New Homeschoolers

As new homeschoolers, we know that educating your kids is a tough task to take, and we also know that having tips and guidelines can help you on your journey. Here are a few tips for new homeschoolers that have worked for us along with other homeschooling families.


  • Don’t try to be like public and private schools. We believe this should be obvious. Make the setting in your home fun and inviting for your children giving them an awesome atmosphere of having them feel less pressured so they can retain the knowledge that you are teaching them very easily.


  • Ignore the naysayers proclaiming that homeschooling your kids will turn them into hermits. Your kids can join clubs, groups, and co-ops to learn how to build social skills with other kids. Who’s to say that all kids that are homeschooled spend the majority of their time just learning. By involving education and play, it teaches them time management skills which is beneficial to live in the present, technological world. 


  • Connect with other familiesOnce you get inside a community of homeschoolers, you’ll be encouraged that you’re making the right choice for your children’s future.You can find a community offline and/or online just by searching through sites like


  • If possible in your calendar, attempt to attend a homeschool conference.


  • Like we’ve mentioned briefly, we live in a technological world. Use technology but do not turn out to be dependent on it. You may use a computer-based curriculum and you could experience computer glitches. Make sure you do physical books at hand just in case.


  • When you are homeschooling your children, always start with one subject such as Math. Then in the next week, add in an additional subject. With this strategy, your children will not feel overwhelmed and disinterested.


  • This may go against your will and nature, but there’s no need to do each and every subject each and every day! Keep in mind that public schools supply music once per week, possibly twice. Science is taught only two or 3 days per week, as well as the same goes for history, geography, social studies, foreign language and much more. You will kill yourself wanting to fit in six subjects each day.


  • You will be surprised by how a handful of materials you need to teach. Again, start slow and steady with just one subject. Once, you assess that your children are picking up concepts of the subject quickly and easily, add in an additional subject to your curriculum.  


  • At American Academy, we can not over-emphasize the importance of reading and math. They’re the keys to everything else your kids will learn. Do every little thing in your power to develop strong readers and small mathematicians.


At the end of the day, This is YOUR school. But if you as new homeschoolers follow these tips, you will be well on your way to develop your children into world-class citizens.