How Does Home Schooling Work | Types of Home School Curriculum

Types of Home School Curriculum

Types of Home School Curriculum

Types of Home School Curriculum – How Does Home Schooling Work With American Academy?

American Academy Home Schooling Programs

  • Students are enrolled in an accredited home school academy.
    The American Academy Home Schooling is a full-service academy where students are enrolled in an accredited home school academy. The Academy serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through Senior High School. We accept credits earned from previous schools and follow the traditional guidelines for graduation. The Academy keeps academic records, High School Transcripts, and issue a High School Diploma upon graduation. Academy graduates have entered the work place, private business, military service, colleges and are eligible for college scholarships. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any extra questions on how does home schooling work?
  • There are many types of home school curriculum. Parents are trained how to home school with individualized self-instructional curriculum.
    The Academy serves as the school office for home schooling, the home is the classroom, the parent or designated person is the home school supervisor and the student learns from assigned self-instructional/individualized curriculum. The parent is trained to home school using the American Academy Home Schooling program with a home school manual sent to the home of the parent. While taking the training, the parent learns the essentials of how to home school in the privacy of their home. The parent is sent a certificate of training upon successfully completing the training program.

How does home schooling work? | Home School Programs

  • Monthly tuition covers all the costs of home schooling. The monthly tuition cost includes all services and learning materials. This includes all professional services such as record keeping, transcripts, report cards, academic projections for graduation, phone tech service and all curriculum (books) needed for your home school experience. The tuition covers all costs of home schooling with the American Academy.
  • The Academy keeps all records, offers a diploma and graduation program.
    After the student assignments are completed and the student tests are graded, the student tests are sent to the academy for auditing and record keeping. The Academy staff is available to assist you either in our office or by phone or email. The different types of home school curriculum. The Academy is approaching its 20th year and has a yearly High School, Grade School and Kindergarten Graduation Program in Oklahoma City.

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