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The Academy was organized in 1987 to provide families with a quality educational program. When parents train their children at home with the American Academy, they can have the advantages of a credible elementary and secondary school program.

The American Academy is a full service Private Christian School for Home Schooling. With the help of professional Christian educators, the American Academy can provide your family with advantages to enhance the learning program of your children.

The Academy gives proper academic recognition through the graduation diploma programs of kindergarten, eighth grade, and high school.

Each family who desires a quality educational program for their children and is willing to follow the prescribed requirements is welcome to be a part of the families which make up the American Academy.

The educational program of the Academy helps the parent educate their child as an individual. The parent is trained as a home educational supervisor to direct the child in their educational process. The parent does not “teach” the child the academic subjects, but “supervises” the child’s progress through the daily assignments of the self-instructional curriculum.

Basic components of home schooling with the American Academy provide:

Enrollment in a home school academy, A safe positive learning area,

  • Academic Knowledge,
  • Financial Knowledge,
  • Physical (Health) Knowledge,
  • Proper Relationships,
  • Spiritual Knowledge and Life Philosophy Based on TRUTH… makes up a True Education.


Is home schooling best for my child?

  1. To give an understanding of the child’s vision and purpose in life.I want my child to know that he/she was a creation of God, given life for the purpose of being a blessing for God and Man. It is essential for my child to know that relationships with his/her personal life, family, occupation and life mission is totally related and accountable to God.

    Answer: _____YES _____NO

  2. To develop character, based on wisdom and absolutes of Biblical values.

    Answer: _____YES _____NO

  3. To build a mastery of academic skills, through core curriculum producing competence,confidence and enthusiasm for life.

    Answer: _____YES _____NO

  4. To develop social skills based on proper speech, appearance, manners and conduct.

    Answer: _____YES _____NO

  5. I want my child to speak properly with respect, dress properly for all occasions, and display manners and conduct that will be an example for others to follow.

    Answer: _____YES _____NO


Making the right decision

Education is the Acquiring of…Knowledge and a Philosophy for life.

Many times a young person completes 12 years of school and graduates not knowing how to live.

The whole purpose of education is to train a child to know how to live. With the proper training, curriculum and tools for educating children, who better can prepare a child for life ……
…than you the parent.

We have chosen the finest educational package to aid you in preparing your children for life during their school years.

Training is “Teaching with Practice”

The staff of the American Academy is here to aid and serve you as you prepare your children for life. It is not enough to just teach concepts and information if the student does not practice what he learns. Doctors and Soldiers are taught and go through the practice of what they have learned before they are graduated. The most important responsibility in raising children is the practice of education “teaching with practice”. A person’s behavior and actions are based on what that person believes. A person’s value base is determined by how that person is trained.

Academy Update… 30th Year of Service

It is exciting to see the continued growth in home schooling. Through these years, the Academy has served many families. The Academy presently serves families with an enrollment throughout the United States and some foreign countries. We are truly appreciative for the opportunities that you have given us as we serve your family. The American Academy has truly become one of the finest names in home schooling.


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